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1. What makes the Maxxi rain line so durable?

To provide long-term life, the steel is rust proofed by a 275g zinc coating. This galvanized coating is naturally self-healing; any scratch or cut is automatically sealed by zinc ions which migrate to re-coat the uncovered steel.

2. What coating is used?

Zinc galvanized coating with extra durable high build polyester paint HBP.

3. How much is the metered pricing?

Today as low as 290 THB / meter

4. How long will the rain gutters last?

  The integrity of the system will last in excess of 70 years – so no need to worry about costly disposal problems or the likely impact on the environment.  

5. Do I need an installation team to assemble the guttering and how much would it cost?

It's easy enough to do it yourself DIY. By our assembly manuals, However, we can provide you with a team, for an additional charge.

6. How long is the delivery time

Instant orders accepted on White, Black, Gray Anthracite and Brown colors which are ready to be sent from our stock in Thailand. Special color orders for up to 2 months.

7. The biggest benefit with the Maxxi rain line?

Easy assembly without sealants or welding, durable environmentally friendly galvanized zinc-coated steel, that doesn't stretch or crack in the sun or heat. The product's overall longevity.

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