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Maxxi's sister company, Maxxi Factory, offers prefab construction. This type of construction method is growing in demand every day. This is due to the planning of a project’s: design, manufacturing, time and labor. When the on-site, assembly is streamlined due to the easy workability of the lightweight prefab design being assembled. Providing an all-weather resistant, thermal insulated, long-standing project. 

Our construction projects optimize and maximizes space thus leaving the smallest on-site surface footprint. Highly skilled workers and well-trained employees led by our management team works continuously without interruption which means high productivity rates during projects. Maxxi assures that all project timelines are strictly met with the highest standards of safety and order within the construction site.

Maxxi's light gauge steel, LGS, is an energy-saving, cost-efficient and time-saving construction material. Easy to work with its excellent strength to weight ratio makes it a durable choice for your projects that demands high-quality materials. Doesn't bend or expand, resistant to moisture, excellent against molds and pest.





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Maxxi provides a comprehensive consulting service that delivers the best result for your project. Our experts have 25+ years of engineering and construction experience and apply this expertise to every project. Providing the necessary platforms and timelines, Maxxi ensures that every project develops smoothly from start to finish.

Our management's expertise is the pride that leads our company. As a partner in constructing your future, our team of specialists prioritizes safety, productivity, and integrity. 

Maxxi values your time, cost and quality, from planning until the final stages of every construction.

We follow a strict code of regulation standards with every project. this means that we only use the highest quality materials according to the client's specific requirements.

Our focus on excellence has labeled us trustworthy and creates loyalty among our customers.

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